|| IDs From Your Phone Welcomes You ||

Basic Instructions For Use by


  • Camera settings - ideally set the camera so that size is about 500kb. The bigger the photo the slower the upload. The minimum size is 100kB and the maximum is 2.5MB
  • Portrait - Following upload, in order to print the card, the photo should look like a passport photo
  • Orientation - hold the camera in landscape
  • Position - the top of the persons head should be right at the top and centred horizontally
  • Fill as much as possible of the screen with the persons head and their shoulders
  • Lighting - Ensure the persons face is not in shade or shadow
  • Following upload, the portrait will be automatically cropped square and look like this
  • Cropping - If after upload, your photo does not fill the square as above, then use the cropping tool. Go Edit then click the "Crop Original Photo" button
  • Cropping - You can have as many goes at cropping as you like, until the portrait fills the square as above

In the production pipeline